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He came, he saw, he tweeted
Dude, I don't even know what happened this week. Do you? Answer the questions correctly, mail us all your answers here, and you'll win a damn prize. Onward!

1. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev lost his Twitter virginity this week in San Francisco. What was the rough translation of his first tweet?

A. Hello everyone. I'm now on Twitter and this is my first message
B. My name is Dmitry. What's yours?
C. I am enjoying Coca-Cola, symbol of free West
D. From Russia With Love was my favorite Bond movie. But U knew that.

2. How much does it turn out the Department of Public Health is spending yearly on membership dues for professional organizations?

A. Nothing
B. A nominal fee of $90
C. $856,315
D. $2,100,075

3. What is the correct spelling of the last name of the Golden State Warriors' first-round pick?

A. Udall
B. Udoh
C. U'do
D. Eudeau
E. Mullin

4. Which of these is an actual quote from former BART cop Johannes Mehserle at his trial for shooting passenger Oscar Grant dead?

A. "It was a tragic fuck-up."
B. "Oops."
C. "I was never very hands-on."
D. "No, I love black people."
E. "It was different when you were there."

5. What can city residents now buy for $350, $1,500, or $2,500?

A. Dinner with Gavin Newsom
B. Dinner with Gavin Newsom's spokesman
C. A bust of Harvey Milk
D. Dinner with Harvey Milk's former spokesman

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