High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Rehash: Buy the Green Door's Candy Jack; HopeNet's Hash Is Too Strong

Who wants some?
They shut down the hash bar.

High Times shut down HopeNet's hash bar. SF, your hash is too much for High Times (or at least its legal handlers).

"They said it was too strong," said Steve Smith, half of Ninth Street dispensary HopeNet's operating team (his wife, Cathy, is the other), as he continued to dole out vaporizer and tile-and-coal hits of HopeNet's hash, kif, and essential (THC) oils. Apparently, a few patients became so medicated that a nap was in order. "So they wanted us to shut down for a little while so everyone could cool off."

High times were indeed had on Rincon Hill, as some 4,000 people came through the doors at Terra to witness the cannabis culture magazine's first-ever Cannabis Cup on American soil.

Several San Francisco medical cannabis providers took home awards. The second-best sativa strain in the US is Green Door's Candy Jack. The second-best cannabis edible in the US are Medithrive's Bliss Edibles Truffles. Sativa winner God's Pussy (Green Bicycles, Crescent City, Calif.) and indica winner Cali Gold (Mr Natural, Inc, of god-knows-where; its website sucks) are both exotic strains from exotic places and ergo out of our purview.

The Snitch did bump into Proposition 215 author and cannabis legend Dennis Peron, and are happy to report he appears in fine health after his April stroke. We discussed carpetbagging capitalists with Harborside Health Center's Steve DeAngelo; we discussed Granddaddy Purple with Ken Estes, father of the legendary strain; we really wanted a soda and some pretzels. Or some popcorn.

By the way, did you know SF Weekly has a medical cannabis newsletter? Sign up for Toke of the Town at www.sfweekly.com/readers/register.

Some attendees had beefs with the venue and the execution on Saturday -- the line to buy tickets was reportedly two hours long, and once inside, odd traffic flow patterns and layout led to many a bumped chest, head, and other "excuse me" snafus.

Fists were bumped outside in the Prop. 215 smoking area, where a Hayward couple provided two quarter-pound joints at 4:20 in the afternoon both days. Peep our pics, and visit our advertisers.

This post was edited at the request of High Times.

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