Guess Which SF 'Hood Loves Sit-Lie the Most?

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Civil Sidewalks, Sit-Lie ordinance -- call it what you will, the ballot initiative to make sitting down on public sidewalks between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. illegal isn't some fringe idea from what passes for SF's hard right.

There's a popular -- some say "grass roots" -- push to give homeless people one more thing to worry about. And the law has its best polling numbers in a neighborhood you might not expect, according the Chamber of Commerce.

Both the Haight-Ashbury and the Tenderloin are full of homeless people, which is why those two predictable 'hoods are in the top three, according to the Chamber of Commerce's Rob Black. Black, a former candidate for Supervisor Chris Daly's seat in District 6 (the TL), told The Snitch that in the Chamber's polls, the Tenderloin was the neighborhood which supported civil sidewalks the second-most; the Haight -- where Mayor Gavin Newsom supposedly cooked up the whole idea to begin with after he took his infant daughter for a stroll down Pit Bull Lane -- was only third.

Number one for strong support for kicking the bums out? The beautiful, nice-smelling, scenic, douchey white and mostly free of homeless folk Marina District.

Bums Out

Does this go to show you that it's mostly rich white folks who fear street kids, and that the rest of us -- you know, the ones of us who actually live near street kids -- are OK with it? Not really, Black said.

"Neighborhood by neighborhood, there wasn't much of a demographic split," said Black, who noted that keeping bums off of streets is far from a "wedge issue," but instead something near and dear to the hearts of many a San Franciscan, moderate and progressive alike. "It crosses geographic bounds, it crosses political bounds."

Still -- the Marina? Is this really a problem for Marina folk?

Black couldn't say why SF's earthquake zone is also SF's no-homeless zone. One more reason not to shop on Chestnut Street -- if you're anything like The Snitch, you may be confused for a transient, even with a cup of Jamba Juice.

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