Good News For Gavin Newsom! Former Flack Votes For Him.

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With today's projected turnout at 33.3 percent -- a palindrome, and all-time low -- it means the record amount of money spent will be spread over a potential record few number of voters.

So, every vote counts. And, in a bit of good news for Mayor Gavin Newsom, his former flack, Nathan Ballard, informed his Twitter followers he's opted to vote for his former boss for lieutenant governor. At least on Twitter, however, it's tough to tell how Newsom's polling among his current and former spokesmen.

Present mouthpiece Tony Winnicker has not deigned to reveal his ballot via Twitter. His most recent post hails from February and reads "Just left 1500 parents fighting 4 public schools. Cities & school districts can't do it alone. We need education reform in Sacramento!"

Peter Ragone doesn't seem to have a Twitter page -- unless you think this guy is Newsom's former mayoral spokesman. But, then again, Ragone always did enjoy pretending to be people he wasn't on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Joe Arellano -- who looks, in his profile photo, like that guy who just wouldn't stop hitting on your girlfriend near the bar jukebox until he spilled a Jack and Coke all over his button-up -- hasn't yet reported on his voting preferences either. Instead, he lists all the venues he's visited to pad his Foursquare resume.

Who knows? Maybe after today he'll be Mayor of the Polling Place.

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