God Destroys Statue of Jesus -- with Fire

Categories: WTF?
We at The Snitch know events in rural Ohio are outside of our purview, but acts of God are acts of God and reportable in any outlet, which is why we are fingering our rosary beads and hiding under our desk for fear of thunderbolts. God is angry, and he's taking no prisoners -- not even statues of His only son.

The statue to your left in Monroe, Ohio -- affectionately nicknamed "Touchdown Jesus" -- was struck by lightning and reduced to ashes on Monday, according to reports and YouTube videos.

The so-called "King of Kings" statue was 62 feet tall and was completed in 2004 at a cost of $250,000, according to reports.

Why did God choose to destroy His son's image? Maybe because it was fugly, maybe because of the Notre Dame football connotations, maybe because Jesus shaved his beard. Who can say? Ministers, that's who. We'd love to be at the Solid Rock Church -- the congregation who built the big baby Jesus -- this Sunday to hear the holy Joes explain away this one.

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