Giants To Bag It at Potrero Center Safeway Today

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He will bag you
The sensation of having a multimillionaire bag your groceries is a rare one, indeed, so rare that The Snitch has no idea what such bliss could possibly feel like.

And we won't until later today at the Potrero Center Safeway -- which was once a baseball field -- where $12 million-a-year man Aaron Rowand, one of his San Francisco Giants teammates and their boss will be bagging groceries for bewildered tourists and oblivious baseball non-fans alike.

Safeway cashiers across the country are asking the same thing this month: would you like to donate a dollar to prostate cancer research?

Every June since 2001, the grocery chain has offered its stores as fundraising locations for the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF). Today at noon at the Potrero Center Safeway, Rowand and teammate Jeremy Affeldt will stand in masculine solidarity alongside team president Larry Baer, former L.A. Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda -- both of whom have to worry about their prostates, unlike the young and lithe professional athletes -- and a group of cancer researchers.

Profits from the "Docs and Jocks" endeavor are divided amongst national research centers and teaching hospitals including our own UCSF, adding to the company's to-date fundraising total of $54 million.

The event follows a recent partnership between the foundation and the MLB. Representatives from the PCF have been hitting up ballparks across the country to raise money and awareness about the most common cancer found in men.

This is a strategic decision; there is no shortage of phallic references in baseball. From hotdogs and peanuts, to baseball bats and balls, the emblematic American ballpark is a surefire way to get men thinking about their manhood. And that fleshy bit somewhere inside it that, if not today, will someday soon make it difficult to pee.

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