Gavin Newsom Wants You To Watch the World Cup at Civic Center

Chris Roberts/SF Weekly
Ballin. And you could be, too.

Though an ace baseball and basketball player in his glory days at Redwood High School in Marin, Mayor Gavin Newsom is admittedly not much of a soccer player. That's fine: one doesn't need to be a Cristiano Ronaldo or a World Cup-winning Ronaldo in order to soak in the globe's biggest frigging deal of a sporting event, which will be broadcast free of charge at San Francisco's Civic Center beginning Friday morning.


Should the gentlemen and ladies for whom the Civic Center lawn serves as bedroom, living room and -- thanks, JC Decaux -- bathroom be obliged to not sleep or scuffle there for the duration, taxpaying San Franciscans will be welcomed to share Civic Center with its usual denizens to watch the entire month of World Cup play on a giant big-screen, the Recreation and Park Department announced Tuesday.

Here's the list of matches scheduled for viewing in front of San Francisco's august halls of government:

June 11, 11:30am: France v Uruguay
June 12, 11:30am: US v England
June 17, 11:30am: France v Mexico
June 23, 7:00am: US v Algeria
June 23, 11:30am: Ghana v Germany
June 29, 7:00am & 11:30am: Round of 16 matches
July 2, 7:00am & 11:30am: Quarterfinal matches
July 3, 7:00am & 11:30am: Quarterfinal matches
July 6, 11:30am: Semifinal
July 7, 11:30am: Semifinal
July 11, 11:30am: Championship match

World Cup soccer at Civic Center -- what else do you need to know?

If you have children, or are a child at heart who wishes to dominate the soccer field as if you were a full-grown adult and everyone else was a child, know this: there's also a miniature football pitch etched onto the Civic Center turf.

Watch the head.

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