Gavin Newsom to Present City Budget Today

Categories: Government
Mayor Gavin Newsom's office  will today present the city with its budget for the next fiscal year. Union concessions and months of internal budget-hacking have likely made a potentially calamitous budget merely lousy. Yet, if past years are a guide, here's what will happen:

  • City-funded nonprofits providing services to the needy and indigent will be hit hard. Services, however, working under the aegis of Newsom's pet project Care Not Cash won't be touched. Funny how that works;

  • A complicated budget agreement will be reached after a month and change of contentious debate. The mayor may or may not actually spend the money the supes add back. Everyone will express gratitude for the process being over and go back to hating each other for the normal, day-to-day reasons.  

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