Gavin Newsom Attempting to Grab Reins of 'Fix Muni Now' Bandwagon

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It's my happening -- and it's freaking me out!
Any adult who has ever suffered through Teletubbies or Blues Clues quickly discerns this about the toddler set: They thrive on repetition. Say what you will about San Francisco politics, but it's much the same. Once again, Mayor Gavin Newsom is arriving late to a party and then attempting to claim it was his happening all along.

The latest example of this persistent trend comes via Supervisor Sean Elsbernd's "Fix Muni Now" charter amendment. After notably not taking a stand on the legislation -- which would do away with Muni drivers' city charter-enshrined, guaranteed pay raises -- the mayor now says it has his whole-hearted support ... and, what's more, his majordomo, Steve Kawa, supposedly wrote key sections of the thing. Right out of the Newsom playbook: Stand idly by (or actively oppose) someone else's idea; wait until it obviously becomes popular; then claim it was your brainchild all along. By the way -- that winning goal vs. Algeria? That was Gavin, too.

Elsbernd, whose focus is on getting enough signatures to qualify his ballot, was loath to criticize Newsom for his party-crashing -- but did note that no one seemed to be speaking up months ago "back when I was being called a racist and my political career was being threatened."

Or, as he mercurially told the Chronicle

''Now that nearly 70,000 San Franciscans have signed the petition, I'm thrilled the mayor is supportive of the effort...

By the way, back in April, Elsbernd told SF Weekly that, when it came to taking a stand on his measure, "My guess is, the vast majority of elected office-holders in this city will sit on their hands and pray this doesn't qualify for the ballot so they don't have to pick sides." Say what you will about Elsbernd, but he does seem to know how his co-workers think.

Finally, here are some other popular notions devised by others Newsom now has announced he unabashedly supports:

  • The 14th Amendment

  • Minimum wage

  • The 40-hour work week

  • The theory of evolution

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