Funkless Crook Fails With The Bop Gun

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One make-believe weapon, under a groove

The bop gun can do you no harm; it frees your mind so your kind can follow. Which is why fake firearms make for poor accessories to crime; which is why a young man attempting to pull off a robbery with what the San Francisco Police Department generously called a "toy gun" came up short on Tuesday, according to police.

A pair of would-be highwaymen for our time attempted to stick up a woman exiting a Muni bus on Geneva Avenue near the Cow Palace at 3:50 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, according to the Ingleside Station newsletter.

The toy gun didn't faze the woman, nor did it deter a passing motorist, who gave the assailants the what-for, verbally chasing them two blocks north to the 1400 block of Sunnydale Avenue.

It was there that two young male suspects were taken into custody by "numerous Ingleside officers," who proved that just as one cannot fake the funk on a nasty dunk, a toy gun is cause for a criminal record.

*With all apologies to Clinton. George, that is.

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