Expired Pot Card Lands Parolee in Trouble, Possibly Jail

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Do not let me expire
It's vital for medical marijuana patients to renew their recommendations as soon as the cards expire. This advice is too late for a motorist pulled over while driving near the Alemany Boulevard housing projects.

His car is impounded, his pot is gone, and his parole officer was notified of a possession charge, according to police.

The unidentified man was stopped at 9:49 a.m. Monday morning at the corner of Crescent Avenue and Ellsworth Street in Bernal Heights, just up the hill from the Alemany projects. Offices recognized the man as a parolee with a suspended license. He consented to a search wherein the officers found "a baggie filled with marijuana."

The man produced his expired recommendation, useless in this situation and worthless before the eyes of the law. His car would have been towed anyhow since his license was suspended, but at least he would have been able to keep his weed. That was confiscated and SFPD notified his parole officer of the violation, according to police.

It will likely be up to both a judge and the parole officer to determine whether or not the marijuana possession will be enough to land the parolee back behind bars. But there is a possibility that it could. There aren't many lazy mistakes which could mean jail time, but this unlucky parolee found one.

Renew them cards, peoples.

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