Daunte Culpepper Fulfills Destiny, Signs With Sacramento Mountain Lions Football Team

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Former star NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper, having already fulfilled his karmic fate by playing for the Oakland Raiders, has now continued upon his predetermined sports destiny by inking a contract with the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League.

Culpepper immediately becomes the upstart league's most illustrious has-been, and is reunited with his former coach during his Minnesota Vikings glory days, Dennis Green. For those scoring at home, this is the equivalent of Bad Company joining back up with its former manager for the Sawdust Daze Festival in Oshkosh, Wisc.

This analogy works well on multiple levels; the infamous Minnesota Vikings boat party rivals anything that took place backstage at a rock 'n' roll show.

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While the Culpepper-to-Randy Moss connection was one of the most scintillating of the last decade, the quarterback's oft-impressive numbers did not translate into wins. Even knowledgeable readers may be surprised to learn that Culpepper's career record behind center was 41-59. As a banged-up part-timer since 2006, he led his teams to three victories in 20 contests.

And, as the good people of south Florida do not need to be reminded of, the Miami Dolphins chose to trade for Culpepper instead of making a play at available free agent Drew Brees in '06. Since that time, Brees has been the best passer on earth and Culpepper is now playing in Sacramento.

Best of luck to Culpepper, who immediately becomes the face of the franchise (which played last year in AT&T Park as the "California Redwoods"). Perhaps some dude the team signed at its May general tryouts will become his next Randy Moss.

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