Concord Man Has Nation's Best Stache

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Not the winner
Rich in cultural, technological and pharmaceutical history, the Bay Area is now justly famous for facial hair. A man from Concord -- that's in the East Bay, kids -- won first prize in the country's first-ever National Beard and Moustache Championships.
Emerald Photography
Larry McClure, Epic Stache Man
As you can see, Larry McClure's waxed monster has the wingspan of a pterodactyl -- and he didn't grow it for the competition, either. Informed of the June 5 event by the captain of the USA Beard Team, he traveled to Bend, Oregon for the contest on a lark -- "and I ended up winning the son of a gun," he told Bay City News.

McClure says that if he can secure sponsorship, he will travel to Denmark in 2011 for the next scheduled World Moustache and Beard Competition.

So there -- if you don't like soccer, surely you love a stache. Everybody now: U-S-A. U-S-A.

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