City Councilman: 'Shut the Fuck Up!'

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Local city councilman Michael Ceremello, angry over colleagues' criticism of his weed-infested lawn, bellows 'Shut the fuck up' at colleague during meeting. Nice work if you can get it. 

Here in San Francisco, we sometimes lose track of how good we've got it. It's sunny on Memorial Day weekend, every park is a post card, and Chris Daly uses profanity during government business each and every beautiful day.

Whether it was vowing to say "Fuck" during every government meeting he participated in, interrupting testimony from the chief of police with a well-placed "Fuck you," or urging the voting public to "Fuck off," Daly daily reminds us what a world-class city we live in.

In San Francisco, politicians are skilled enough to use profanity for any reason. Not so elsewhere. Take the recent case of Michael Ceremello, a city councilman in Dixon, not far from Daly's new stomping ground of Fairfield, Calif. Ceremello last week mortified colleagues by loudly shouting at city vice mayor Rick Fuller: "You do not have the floor. Please sit back and shut the fuck up!"

The point of contention: Ceremello was tired of his fellow councilmembers and the mayor giving him a hard time for his weed-strewn fire hazard of a front yard and mandating he clean it up. Yes, really

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While Daly's San Francisco colleagues have grown used to him using Katt Williams-worthy language near -- or at -- them, this is a big deal in Dixon. The town's mayor, Jack Batchelor, ordered Ceremello out of the room until he could compose himself. The councilman refused, and, eventually, the chief of police had to intervene.

But wait -- this isn't over. Once "composed," Ceremello continued to rant during the council meeting about how, while his overgrown wreck of a yard may attract vermin, he "prefers four-legged vermin to the two-legged vermin that roam our streets taking away our rights."

Later, he wrote that his profane outburst regarding his unwillingness to clean up his damn yard is part of a "war" against "government usurpation of rights."

"I consider this to be a war. I may be losing battles now, but the war isn't over until all the governmental pigs are squealing," he wrote. "I will never become one of them, part of their system. That is why they hate me. ... When you don't want to abide by the basic principles of American government upon which our country was founded, when you want to pervert the law to prevent opposition to tyrannical, fascist, oppressive government, and when you abuse your authority simply because you have the majority vote, expect exactly what you got from me."

That's right, San Francisco. You didn't know how good you had it. Apparently there's a "tyrannical, fascist, oppressive government" just up I-80 in Dixon.

When it comes to anti-social, pariah, batty politicians with a penchant for shouting "fuck" at public meetings, ours are top-of-the-heap. Chris Daly may be crazy, but he isn't crazy.

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