City Attorney Tries To Save City From Invasion of Incredibly Dumb 'SmartMeters'

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Running interference with your electricity bill...
City Attorney Dennis Herrera petitioned the California Public Utilities Commission today to stop PG&E's invasion of "SmartMeters," the electricity meters that purport to calculate your energy intake and wirelessly transmit it to the company that sends you a bill. Yet instead of being like the brainiac in math class as the name would suggest, SmartMeters are actually like the airhead who can't get the calculation right and ends up billing you more than you owe. PG&E itself has admitted they're screwing up on 60,000 customers bills. Lame.

Well Herrera is appealing to the commission to stop the company from installing yet another 3.9 million of these buggers in its service territory until the problems are resolved.
Or the penny snatchers...

Common sense, people, common sense.

Herrera's petition requests that the CPUC change its 2007 decision allowing the power company to include the cost of the SmartMeters in its rates for customers. That, and to figure out how to make the machines work right. "Receiving a timely and correct bill from PG&E is the least a customer is entitled to expect. Customers should not be in the position of wondering whether their bills are acccurate of whether the equipment installed by PG&E is working properly," Herrera said in a press release. 

And here we'd written about how medical marijuana advocates are worried that the SmartMeters will be used to detect and bust people growing pot in their home. Well, not just potheads are paranoid about the contraptions now. 

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