Chron's Pot Ad Section REVEALED

Earlier this morning, we told you about Herbal Cure Corner, the SF Chronicle's new stab at cornering the medical marijuana market which launched today.
Curious to see our competition, we bought a copy of the paper this morning (from a real-live person vendor, too). It took us a few minutes to find Herbal Cure Corner, but when we did, we were... perplexed.

The picture above is essentially what you get -- inside the Chronicle's 96 Hours weekend insert, on page eight, below the music listings, a quarter-page ad each for a grow light shop on Haight, and another for Medithrive, at 1933 Mission (a loyal SF Weekly advertiser, we might add. Love those four-gram eighths at Medithrive!).

On the opposite page, a full-page ad for the Vapor Room (a Lower Haight favorite with some of the finest medicine in town. Try the Orange Crush if you have stuff to do; try the Cheese if you don't).

And that's about it. On page 11 there was another full-page ad for Harborside, the Oakland mega-dispensary that probably has enough money in its couch cushions to buy out all the ads in the Chronicle for a week.

Folks over at the Chronicle still haven't returned calls and e-mails from The Snitch asking for comments, explanations and lunch. We wonder exactly what advertisers were told -- was this pitched as a special section? -- but we're sure that this is only a humble beginning.

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