Chris Daly Votes for Gavin Newsom

Photographic evidence!
Among Mayor Gavin Newsom's nemeses, Supervisor Chris Daly is often front and center. It could be because the frenetic and profane Daly is an easy target; it could be because Newsom and Daly are often the de-facto poster children for their respective moderate and progressive camps of local politics; it could also because the District 6 supervisor once accused Newsom of being a coke fiend.

Either way, it's common knowledge they don't get along. But that doesn't mean Newsom can't count on Chris Daly's vote for lieutenant governor. In fact, on Election Day, Newsom had Daly's wholehearted support.

Earlier today, Daly posted his "Daly Ballot" on Facebook. Breaking with the local Democratic County Central Committee's non-endorsement for the lieutenant governor position, Daly voted Newsom.

He seems damn pleased...

It's not often that Daly has something in common with former Newsom press flack Nathan Ballard, though that particular odd couple might have different motivations for helping kick Gavin upstairs to Sacramento. Once Gavin is gone, the Board of Supervisors can appoint his replacement. With a progressive majority on the Board, the new mayor will likely be from Daly's camp (though the future upstanding Fairfield citizen is not a likely candidate).

Reached via text during a Transportation Authority committee meeting, Daly said the vote isn't as strange as it may seem (though it did earn him a "WTF??" from one of his Facebook friends). "If you can get over the issue of strange bedfellows, it's really a win-win," the termed-out supervisor wrote.

Yep, he really did it

Plus there's the issue of politics. And issues. One must mind the issues. "Newsom is a bit to Hahn's left," wrote Daly, who is once and forever the lefty. "Also, she doesn't seem to be knowledgeable on the issues."

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