BREAKING: Granddaughter-Molesting Grandfather Arrested

A grandfather accused of sexually assaulting his second-grade granddaughter at a San Francisco school was apprehended at a San Bruno homeless shelter yesterday, according to police.

Pedro Hernandez, 68, is accused of committing a sexual act of an unknown nature on his young relative during a visit to Sanchez Elementary School on June 3. Sanchez allegedly visited his granddaughter for lunch, took her to a secluded stairwell, and did what he did there -- in full view of security cameras and a teacher's aide. Sanchez fled when the aide intervened and had not been seen since.

Police had searched on both sides of the Bay Bridge for Sanchez, but found him close to home: he was found at a homeless shelter at Saint Bruno's Catholic Church in San Bruno on Thursday night, according to police.

Police were led to the shelter after they arrested Marisol Lopez, Lorena Lopez and Jesus Hernandez for "harboring a fugitive and accessory after the fact." Apparently, the trio told cops where Sanchez could be found.

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