Big Day in Court for Candidate Harris

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This is what a sexy prosecutor candidate looks like

With her solid victory in last night's Democratic primary for the vaunted post of attorney general, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris proved that she can deflect accusations of being soft of crime.

At least when they come from other Democrats (regardless of how rich they are). A moderate Republican who's found regular election success in Democratic Los Angeles, however, is a different story entirely.

Kamala Harris's
In it to win it

Los Angeles district attorney Steve Cooley -- the Dodger to Harris's SF Giant, the old white dude in a suit to her young, multicultural and frankly pretty slammin' attire we'd previously only ever seen on TV -- was last night's victor in the Republican primary. During his campaign, Cooley had to convince Republican voters he wasn't too liberal for the job.

Being liberal won't be Harris's failing point -- this is big state politics now, and Kamala will surely want to be tough on crime if she wants votes from Shasta to San Diego. For this reason, her campaign office will surely appreciate it if her day-job office can bring guilty verdicts in the following cases.

The defendant in the murder-in-a-suitcase situation, which garnered national attention, is scheduled to be arraigned shortly. Lee Bell, 48, is charged with one count of murder in the death of 52-year old Pearla Ann Louis, who was found stuffed in luggage near the Embarcadero on May 18.

The accused shooter in a brazen Broadway murder -- reputedly sparked by a blinged-out cartoon character -- is also scheduled to grace the Hall of Justice today. Charles "Cheese" Heard is charged with murder, attempted robbery and participation ina criminal street gang for shooting Richard Barrett, 29, in the back on November 25, 2008. Barrett collapsed and died in the doorway of a lounge filled with partiers at Broadway and Kearny streets, harshing many a buzz. This one is a double-whammy for Kamala, as it happened in a stretch of the city frequented by tourists from all over (mostly the East Bay) and it's gang-related, two campaign sticking points for any aspirant to the AG's office.

And there's even some white collar crime to chew on! Former City College chancellor Phillip Day, Jr., accused of using school money for a host of purposes for which they should not be used (but not Bam-Bam pendants), is scheduled to be in court right about now to set a hearing date.

It's not as if Harris must go three-for-three in order to win the Attorney General post, and in fact it's conceivable her office could lose all three while she coasts to the victory. But we at The Snitch wish her prosecutors all the best in bringing all three of these high-profile cases to justice. After all, we have to live here.

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