As Trial Begins, All Quiet on Oscar Grant Protest Front

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Not today, anyhow
Jury selection wrapped up yesterday in the trial of former BART cop Johannes Mehserle, charged in the Jan. 1, 2009 shooting death of 22-year old East Bay man Oscar Grant.

Not even that process could proceed without controversy: no black people were selected for the jury, which will consist of seven Latino people and five white folk. That led to some predictable angry statement-making -- "We could have stayed in Oakland for this," said one of Grant's friends, present in LA for the hearing -- but thus far it has not led to any any protesting.

A brief scan of the predictable channels -- ok, just Indybay -- reveals a single Oscar Grant-themed protest scheduled for today.

And even this appears to be far more hand-holding than bomb throwing. Students from Excelsior-based City Arts and Technology High School were scheduled to mark the occasion with a "poetry-speak out event" at the fateful Fruitvale BART platform where Grant died at noon today. This followed up a previous event, wherein the students were scheduled to wax poetic at the 24th and Mission BART station in San Francisco.

Teacher Ben Rosen, the organizer of the deal, did not immediately return a telephone call from SF Weekly seeking comment. So the question remains: whither your righteous fire, Bay Area protesters?

Note: SF Weekly is not responsible for any broken windows or missed homework resulting from any demonstrating. Agitate responsbily, everyone!

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