An Odd Political Pitch For 'Auntie Kamala'

Auntie Kamala.jpg
Meena Harris, left, with Auntie Kamala, is not 12 years old
As we round third in the primary election season, candidates making that mad dash toward home are liable to whatever it takes to make it. So you're going to see some very odd ads in the next week or so (though maybe not as odd as this ad -- which wasn't enough to win the election!).

Take this ad which landed in San Franciscans' e-mail inboxes (and was on Facebook) and with the subject header "My Auntie Kamala." San Francisco District Attorney -- and would-be Attorney General -- Kamala Harris' pitch from her niece, Meena, includes the following missive:

As a child, I was always both fascinated and inspired by my aunt Kamala's work as a prosecutor. More so, I found it amusing that my sweet, loving "Auntie" was also a no-nonsense trial lawyer putting hardened criminals behind bars. It was very clear to me early on that she was not only a tough woman, but also had the thoughtful vision, know-how, and leadership to make a real impact.

It's not surprising that a candidate for statewide office would have the enthusiastic support of her niece. What is surprising, based on the above text is that Meena Harris is not a 12-year-old toting a teddy bear -- but a Stanford graduate and student at the Harvard School of Law.

Also noteworthy were Meena Harris' exhortations to Facebook users to do the following in their push to get Auntie Kamala elected:

You can help out by changing your profile photo to Kamala's, and changing your status as follows:

"On June 8, I'm voting for for California AG. She would be the first woman, South Asian, & African-American. She has the best experience and the best ideas. Please steal my status!"

These are simple ways you can raise awareness for the campaign with a few simple changes to your Facebook profile!

Your support means so much to me and to my family. Together we can make history as we fight for a safer and better California.

It warrants mentioning that Harris' campaign has all but labeled rival AG candidate Chris Kelly the lord of the online voyeurs for his former role as Facebook's chief privacy officer.

It also may warrant mentioning that before she went to Harvard Law to follow in Auntie Kamala's footsteps, Meena Harris also worked at Facebook -- where Harris' campaign continues to campaign heavily.

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