You've Got Fail: iPhone OS 4 Slow to Load During Jobs' Keynote (PIC)

We're sitting on the floor of Moscone West watching the multiple live blogs of the Steve Jobs' keynote on our iPad, iPhone, and MacBook simultaneously. Apparently we're not the only ones who have failed this morning at the WWDC launch of the iPhone 4, among other things.

According to TechCrunch's MG Siegler, Jobs' demo phone served up a "Cannot read cellular network" message during his much anticipated presentation, which lead to the clever meta-commentary on general issues surrounding the AT&T carrier: "Welcome to the club, Steve."

Joshua Topolsky of Engadget has a pic of the gaffe, after the jump.

Photo via Engadget

The phone eventually loaded the New York Times app, to the audience's delight. But connectivity issues continued to plague the keynote, leading Jobs to eventually ask conference attendees to turn off their wifi (it doesn't seem like very many of them have complied).

So yeah, the thing looks freaking awesome and you now can play a weird CGI version of Jenga on it or apparently express your strange fetish for Winnie the Pooh .

Now if only we could do something about their penchant for spotty networks.

Update: Of all the terrible things AT&T is responsible for, the Moscone Wifi is not one of them; "We didn't set it up," said AT&T flack John Britton.

Jobs reiterates his request to turn of the wifi, "There are 570 wifi base stations operating in the room, and we can't deal with that." Evidently the bloggers comply, as the next demo transitions smoothly.

Watch video of the keynote here.

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