Who Gave City's Budget Analyst That Wicked Black Eye?

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Meanwhile, at the Budget and Finance Subcommittee...
One day after issuing a performance audit that delivered a black eye to Muni's drivers, management, and board of directors, city budget analyst Harvey Rose showed up at the Board of Supervisors with a massive black eye of his own.

Rose, however, assured SF Weekly that there wasn't anything criminal about his shocking appearance, which had nothing to do with his hard-hitting audit. It had more to do with the city's hard-hitting pavement. 

"I fell walking home from a restaurant on Saturday. And I look great today compared to yesterday," Rose told SF Weekly. "We were in the Richmond District and, I am so embarrassed, I don't know what the hell happened. I was with my wife and three other people and, somehow, on Clement and Seventh, I just tripped."
Rose complimented the emergency staff at St. Mary's Hospital for "a great job" (no audit in their near future). He also noted that "it's not just a shiner. It's all over my face, my chin."

Sadly, your humble narrator completely botched an attempt at a screen capture while watching an Internet broadcast of Rose at today's Budget and Finance Subcommittee meeting. But Rose is all but certain to offer testimony on his Muni audit at today's 1:30 p.m. Budget and Finance meeting, so we'll hit him then.

Rose noted that he has no plans to sue the city. And if every you wanted to know how much something like that could cost San Francisco -- he's the guy to ask.

UPDATE, 4 p.m.: The Budget and Finance Committee is still going on -- but I fear we missed our chance to get a screen capture of Harvey Rose. Inexplicably, the screen caps of Rose on the internet videos came out blank when pasted into "paint." C'est la vie.

UPDATE, 4:20 p.m.:

black eye.JPG

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