SF Weekly Parent Company to Underwrite Legal Challenge to Arizona Immigration Bill

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Last week, there were some murmurs among local bloggers about whether SF Weekly would suffer as a result of a proposed city boycott of Arizona businesses because of the Grand Canyon State's harsh new immigration law.

Editors at SF Appeal and SFist raised the prospect of city officials refusing to return calls from this newspaper's reporters or purchase ads in our pages because SF Weekly is owned by Village Voice Media, which has corporate offices in Phoenix.

Anybody familiar with our company's work would rightly view such moves as nonsensical -- our sister paper, the Phoenix New Times, has been a staunch defender of Mexican immigrants' rights for years, and has consistently devoted resources to exposing wrongdoing in the office of anti-immigrant Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Nevertheless, we thought we'd deliver to San Francisco's media purveyors and consumers a significant piece of news: Our bosses in Phoenix have decided to underwrite the American Civil Liberties Union's challenge to the new immigration law, Arizona Senate Bill 1070.

VVM Executive Editor Michael Lacey and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jim Larkin invite readers in a note "to join in this struggle against the cracker policies of Arizona politicians and certain elements within law enforcement typified by Sheriff Arpaio."

Now, what's that about a boycott?

Photo   |   Matt Cohen

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