Terry Braye, Teacher Accused Of Lewd Acts, Got Rave Reviews Online From Students

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Accused of doing more than teaching music...
A Visitacion Valley Middle School music teacher is accused of being the teacher from hell for three students whom prosecutors allege he touched and invited over to his residence. But in cyberspace, kids love him.

On ratemyteachers.com, Terry Braye is currently scoring a 4.3 out of 5 on "easiness," 4.2 on "helpfulness," and a 4.1 on "clarity."  (Four is defined as "good," while "5" is great.) One student raved: "THE BEST TEACHER EVER! he will help you w/anything! hes the most understanding teacher! you cant talk to him about your problems&he'll give you great advice. OVER ALL THE BESTT!"

Two weeks ago, Braye, a distinguished-looking 60-year-old with a shock of gray hair, pleaded not guilty in Superior Court to three charges of lewd and lascivious touching of three different female former students. He allegedly touched them on the arms, legs, and shoulders while on school property between 2006 and 2009. Yet according to the district attorney's office, Braye's behavior went much further than that:

Braye would talk to the girls about how great his sex life was, brag about his big penis, and tell them how having sex at age 14 was great, according to district attorney's spokesman Brian Buckelew. He also told one girl how great her breasts were, and how beautiful another was. He gave them rides to school, had them over to his residence, went out to expensive dinners at restaurants, and provided them with alcohol, Buckelew says.

Braye's defense attorney Elizabeth Grossman says Braye was a beloved teacher who now faces "every good teacher's worst nightmare." "Very little information has been gathered to date, and I expect that as this situation evolves he will be completely exonerated," Grossman says. "I don't think this is a criminal case."

Police started investigating Braye after one of the alleged victims told a counselor about his alleged behavior, said police spokesman Samson Chan to Bay City News. All three students have graduated from the school, but Braye had attempted to contact the girls via the Internet after they graduated, Chan said.

None of the comments on ratemyteacher.com mention any inappropriate behavior. Actually they seem to like the guy quite a bit:

Awesome teacher, He always protect us and he helps us A LOT

He has great taste in the music he chooses for his students to play. I miss their unbiased nature, regardless of whether they were old school and from the sixties.

He is the best music teacher ever! So now we have 6th grade band and he's pushing us towards difficult stuff, but i like it. Harder it is, the better. He's also cool. Talk to him about anything!

One commenter could hardly speak ill about him even after finding out about the teacher's arrest: "braye was arrested... well miss him but its kinda his fault.........."

Time will tell.
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