Scenes From a Prostitutes' Protest

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Lois Beckett
Nell Myhand of Legal Action for Woman addresses the gathered prostitutes
Gawkers hoping to spot women decked out in Frederick's of Hollywood gear were likely disappointed with today's noontime prostitutes protest.

Perhaps 20 casually dressed demonstrators gathered at Polk and Sutter to decry the city's proposed sit/lie ordinance, which they claimed would imperil the careers of decent, hard-working prostitutes. It was unclear how many of the protesters were prostitutes and how many were media or simply hangers-on; this may have been the San Francisco specialty of an event attracting more coverage than participants. Frank Chu was there, too:

Frank "12 Galaxies" Chu ... and about 12 prostitutes.
Ubiquitous man on the street (literally) Starchild was there, too. The male escort/perennial no-hope Libertarian political candidate was there fleshing out the escort portion of his resume. He noted that "sex is fun," and went on to note that sit/lie ordinances are not.

Lois Beckett
Starchild was available...
The winner of SF Weekly's Best Political Activist/Bisexual Escort designation described a recent day when he went looking for somewhere to settle down to enjoy a takeout meal, and ended up sitting on Polk Street. "I could be arrested for no more than wanting to enjoy the beautiful city and I live in--and eat my lunch."

And when sitting and eating lunch is against the law, only criminals will sit and eat lunch.

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