San Francisco to Boycott Arizona

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The Board of Supervisors today approved a resolution calling for a boycott of the state of Arizona -- but how sharp the teeth are of said boycott remains to be seen.

The resolution that passed today does a lot of "urging." It encourages -- but does not mandate -- cutting ties with Arizona "to the extent practicable" and only "in instances where there is no significant additional cost to the City nor conflict with law."

Read the resolution here: Resolution Arizona SB1070.doc

Supervisor Sean Elsbernd -- a "no" vote incidentally -- decried the resolution punishing Arizona for the recent passage of a controversial immigration law as "totally symbolic." Its author, Supervisor David Campos, did not agree, telling SF Weekly "I think a number of contracts will be impacted."

If so, San Francisco has already showered $16 million on Arizona companies in fiscal 2010 -- though the majority of that money went to an organization even the most progressive supervisors might be loath to freeze out.

Finally, whether Elsbernd or Campos is right, the nascent boycott has already had something of an effect -- hundreds of enraged right-wingers have showered the San Francisco Convention and Visitor's Bureau with nasty notes, informing we "libtards" that they are canceling their San Francisco vacations and heading elsewhere.

Fair enough. Will you still send us your money?


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