Porn Scandal Rocks Planning Department

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Life at the planning department may be a bit wilder than we'd imagined, according to a whistleblower complaint
Watching and circulating porn at the workplace -- on computers which higher-ups are entitled to sift through your browsing history -- indicates a lack of planning. Sadly, in this city, that's just what four senior members of the planning department are accused of doing -- and it could cost them their jobs.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Zoning Administrator Larry Badiner and three other veteran planners stand to be sacked for sending and/or receiving raunchy e-mails to dozens of department employees -- for years. A female worker in December objected, filing a whistleblower complaint. That led to planning director John Rahaim launching an investigation and, purportedly, formally reccomending Badiner and the three others  -- so far -- be dismissed.

Badiner was serving as Rahaim's acting replacement just last month after the sudden death of Rahaim's partner, Lance Farber. He has worked for the planning department for more than a decade.

Finally, out of contractual obligation, here are some kinky planning terms: zoning adjustment, recreation and open space, conditional use, discretionary review, and, of course, the Interdepartmental Project Application Intake Meeting.

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