Police Target Wrong Man -- But That's Okay. He's Carrying Drugs.

Categories: Crime
Everything came up roses yesterday for a pair of police officers who busted the wrong man in the Excelsior. Actually, it came up bud -- and not rosebud -- but the effect is much the same.

The cops saw a man who "closely resembled a wanted subject" tooling around in the unit block (that's 1-100 for those unfamiliar with cop lingo) of Persia Street. It turns out this wasn't the man they were looking for -- but he was on probation. That made him subject to search -- and why waste that opportunity?

Guess what the cops found? "A usable quantity of marijuana." This, by the way is cop lingo we don't understand. What quantity of marijuana isn't usable? And usable for what?

In any event, the man was busted for pot. Maybe the next time the police muscle up on the wrong man, it will be a guy they mistook for this guy.
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