Facebook Posting Gets Pot-Loving Police Dispatcher Fired

A police dispatcher apparently likes both of these things more than her job...
There are so many people whose careers have gone south due to bizarre postings on Facebook that there's even a Facebook page chronicling them. Whether a police dispatcher who stated she was addicted to prescription drugs, cheap booze, and pot on her Facebook page will be permanently added to the unemployed heap is at issue in a lawsuit filed in Wisconsin court.

Dana Kuchler, a dispatcher for the West Allis, Wis., police and fire departments, posted on her personal Facebook page that "she is addicted to vicodin, adderall, quality marijuana, MD 20/20 grape and absinthe," according to the lawsuit filed last week. Apparently, Kuchler was already on thin ice with the city, having gone through four of the five disciplinary steps required by the collective bargaining agreement with the local clerical union: a verbal warning, written warning, one-day-suspension, and three-day-suspension. When Kuchler then posted that she was an addict on her Facebook page, the city resorted to step number five: dismissal.

Losing your job because you refuse to censor the fact you like MD 20/20 and some good weed? We can see this Kuchler lady becoming a 420 hero already.

But after the union appealed Kuchler's dismissal, an arbitrator deemed the penalty "too harsh" and reinstated the pot- and booze-lover, slapping her on the wrist with a 30-day unpaid suspension.

The city is pissed, and it wants Kuchler out. "This is a case where a Police and Fire dispatcher's conduct -- publicly posting her addiction to controlled substances and illegal drugs -- mocks and is blatantly inconsistent with the mission of the Police Department that employs her -- upholding the laws prohibiting the use and distribution of such substances," states the suit filed by the West Allis city attorney.

The city is asking that the arbitration decision be put on hold until it can be heard in court, which it hopes will overturn the decision.

If the city wins out, at least Kuchler has a ready arsenal of drugs to numb the pain. 

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