Oakland Cops' Deer-Shooting Rampage Goes Viral

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Oakland cops' weekend decision to empty seven bullets into a confused young deer trapped in an East Oakland backyard created a Bambi-sized headache for the Police Department. It didn't help that the official explanation for shooting the deer was because it created a public safety issue with children present -- a situation that was remedied with a barrage of gunfire in front of said children.

Poor Oakland. City can't catch a break. Even when an adorable fawn stumbles into a carport the episode ends in an orgy of shooting; sometimes it feels like Oakland could take PR lessons from Detroit.

On top of everything else, videos like the one above are now steadily cruising around the Internet and highlighting TV reports, making the A.P., and reinforcing everything people think they know about Oakland.

Finally, it warrants mentioning that the official excuse for shooting the deer was, "it was acting disoriented in an urban environment." Of course, by that rationale, half the residents of San Francisco could be subjected to a hail of gunfire.

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