Meg Whitman Attacked for eBay Porn Empire

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Who's been a naughty CEO?
As the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination heats up, both Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman are doing their utmost to portray the other as a liberal, hippie freakshow.

In a move SF Weekly learned Poizner has been biding his time to make, he has now played the porn card, tying Whitman to the exploding porn business on eBay during her time atop the company from 1998 to 2008. SF Weekly's Matt Smith touched on just this, er, sticky subject back in January.

Under Whitman's stewardship, an entire adults-only realm of eBay was created to house the pornography and other sexual items that gross the company millions. Left unsaid in Poizner's ad, incidentally, is that the adult film tapes and DVDs bought and sold on eBay are often extreme niche porn -- fetishization, elderly people, etc. -- catering to a very select audience not adequately served by the vast ocean of porn available online. Poizner's people know this -- but perhaps they didn't want to give the impression they'd been keeping track so closely.

In fact, according to Poizner's ad, the victim of Whitman's porn empire is this guy:  

Grandma, nooooooo!

Hilariously, the image of this cherubic man/boy with a laptop strategically placed atop his comforter appears onscreen when the narrator begins scolding Whitman for expanding eBay's porn peddling. Apparently, this Elijah Wood look-alike is meant to be Republican voters' poster boy for porn consumption.

Actually, SF Weekly has learned, the real victims of eBay's porn-dealing aren't tucked-in youths but the folks manning the site's call center. That office is located a stone's throw from Salt Lake City -- and most of the people working there don't want to hear about your issues with Blond Cougar from Down the Street Fucks Like a Teen.

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