Lost Pigeon Answers To Coo Coo

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Of all the signs posted around the city advertising rewards for the return of their beloved pets -- this has got to be the weirdest.

This sign was spotted this week at City Ballet School, at 32 Otis Street, and it definitely got some passing dancers talking.

"That's gotta be a joke, right?" asked one.

The sign features a generic picture of a pigeon that hangs out in South Park (it's apparently a hip techie pigeon) and answers to the most generic of all bird calls while enjoying the most generic of all bird foods.

We called this number three times to get to the bottom of this pigeon caper and left messages, but so far no one has called us back. We're guessing they just want someone to make a fool of themselves in South Park running after pigeons and yelling "coo coo."

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