Knocked-Up Oakland Zoo Antelope Delivers Adorable Baby

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Welcome to Oakland, kid!
When the Oakland Zoo last year obtained Etana the eland, a large African antelope, it turned out they were getting a two-for-one bargain deal. Since all the zoo's elands are female -- and since the zoo today announced Etana on April 21 delivered a beautiful little baby eland -- she must have been pregnant when the zoo brought her in from San Diego's Wild Animal Park. Unless there's a rogue eland loping about the vicinity no one has yet caught.

The bouncing baby is named Bali -- and she  will begin toddling around the zoo's African Veldt exhibit starting tomorrow.

Zoo officials haven't yet returned our calls, but we'd like to know how common it is to purchase expectant zoo animals, and how much an eland costs. In the meantime, check out these adorable photos:
Hello, Bali!

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