Julio Mestre, Charged With Molesting Invalids in Contra Costa, Did Same in S.F.

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San Pablo Police Department
Former Muni Driver Julio Mestre molested an incapacitated San Francisco hospital patient -- purportedly while wearing his Muni uniform
Julio Mestre, the 56-year-old charter bus driver charged with molesting elderly invalids at a San Pablo convalescent home, did the same here in San Francisco when he was a driver for Muni.

Mestre apparently wore his Muni uniform while molesting a mute woman in her room at Laguna Honda Hospital in 2004; he eventually accepted a plea bargain in that case of misdemeanor sexual battery and was a registered sexual offender in San Pablo.

The former Muni driver twice unsuccessfully sued the Municipal Transportation Agency after it terminated him due to his "inapropriately fondling an incapacitated patient at Laguna Honda Hospital while on duty and in uniform." Astoundingly, an arbitrator initially granted Mestre's grievance against Muni and recommended reinstatement of the driver, even while acknowledging Mestre was guilty of the alleged misconduct. The sticking point was that Muni had not conducted a disciplinary hearing in a timely fashion.    
Laguna Honda Hospital, where accused San Pablo molestor Julio Mestre 'inapproprately fondled' an incapacitated patient in 2004
The 2004 molestation case touched off a scandal at the time. Outraged friends and family of the 37-year-old victim claim they were initially told the incident would not be reported to the police but handled internally.

When Mestre subsequently returned to the victim's room, he was arressted by sheriff's deputies. But his case was later dropped by police because the sherriff's department did not immediately file a report about the molestation incident.

He was subsequently re-arrested and agreed to the aforementioned plea bargain.

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