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Alameda Police
So, what's my story?
Good news, readers! Since last week's winners took home surprise tickets to Oysterfest, you can still win THE CAR OF THE FUTURE! It's positively futuristic!

Send us all the correct answers here; first one is the big winner.

1. Who is Richard Cochran?

A. The former city IT worker who refused to hand over passwords to the Fiber-WAN system
B. The taxi driver who ran down two nuns and purportedly laughed about it
C. The man accused of stealing his pit bull from an East Bay animal shelter
D. The former District Attorney spokesman who resigned after telling insensitive ethnic jokes

2. Which Gavin Newsom spokesman hasn't quit on him?

A. Nathan Ballard
B. Joe Arrellano
C. Brian Purchia
D. Tony Winnicker
E. All of them

3. What did Muni announce this week it would cease doing?

A. Running buses
B. Running the Owl service
C. Paying for 311
D. Conducting fare-inspection stings

4. What did Pleasanton-area GOP congressional candidate Brad Goehring tell Facebook friends he wished he could declare "open season" for hunting?

A. Taxes
B. Condors
C. Liberals
D. Illegal immigrants

5. What the hell was a gay Lady Gaga flash mob doing in San Francisco?

A. Protesting on behalf of put-upon workers
B. Protesting the Defense of Marriage Act
C. Protesting internal policies at a worker-owned grocery co-op
D. Protesting local bridge's toll hikes

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