It's Your Friday Morning News Quiz -- Incentivized Via a Prize!

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Homer At The Bat.jpg
Wham! A Homer!
That's right! Answer our five questions correctly, send me an e-mail, and you could win THE CAR OF THE FUTURE. No gimmicks! No shit!

1. What former Bay Area Major League ballplayer turned up this week playing beer-league softball in Menlo Park?

A. Barry Bonds
B. Luis Polonia
C. Eric Byrnes
D. Kevin Mitchell

2. What are Oakland cops in hot water for shooting this time?

A. A deer
B. Ron Dellums' dog
C. A low-rider that failed to stop at 17th and Broadway
D. The Goodyear Blimp

3. Employees of what city department are accused of sending raunchy porn e-mails out on work computers?

A. Department of Children, Youth and their Families
B. Planning Department
C. Human Rights Commission
D. Mayor's Office
More, less, or equally likely to get busted here?
4. A San Francisco company urged folks to send what to combat the Gulf Coast oil spill?

A. Gold, silver, and other precious metals
B. Detergent -- massive amounts of detergent
C. Hair
D. Money, naturally

5. How do San Francisco's 2009 marijuana arrest totals compare with the numbers from '08?

A. Fifteen percent lower
B. Fifteen percent higher
C. Virtually the same
D. Stats for this category are not kept.


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