Gay-Centric Kiss-In Today, Rain or Shine

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Hey! Wait until 5:30, dammit!
Today's organized gay kiss-in in the Castro is meant to shed light on how such an activity could get one beaten, arrested, or stoned to death in much of the world. This, as activists love to say, is "empowering." So it wouldn't do for folks to stay home because they'll get a little wet, would it?

Luckily, the event planners are prepared for the fickle ways of San Francisco's kissers. If it rains, everyone runs like hell from Harvey Milk Plaza down into Castro Station, says co-organizer Gary Virginia.

The speechifying and whatnot is set to start at about 5 p.m.; the kissing commences at roughly 5:30. Virginia hopes random passers-by will double the number of RSVP'd kissers.

The kiss-in is one of dozens worldwide marking the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. 

Participants are urged to submit their videos (per the one above in guess what city...) to and tag pictures on Flickr with "GreatGlobalKissIn."

Finally, one need not be gay to participate in the day's smooching: "Everyone is welcome," says Virginia. "Homophobia affects bisexual people, transgendered people, and even straight people who are perceived to be gay."
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