Gavin Newsom: The Nomination Is Mine!

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Once again, Gavin Newsom is sitting pretty
Gavin Newsom's lieutenant governor campaign has released an internal poll it says demonstrates San Francisco's mayor has an insurmountable lead in his political quest to flee our fair city.

According to Newsom pollster Ben Tulchin, his man has a commanding lead over Los Angeles councilwoman Janice Hahn, 47 percent to 26 percent, with the balance of polled voters undecided.

 "It's nearly impossible for her to make serious inroads," Tulchin told the media. Citing Newsom's 62-16 lead in the Bay Area, the pollster said this race is done: "If you're up 46 points in the biggest Democratic region of the state, [a Hahn comeback] basically can't be done."

Hahn's campaign manager, Michael Trujillo, said this poll was simply a name recognition contest -- which would be a more valid complaint if the Democratic primary wasn't being held next month. Trujillo chided Newsom for his poor showing against "an unknown councilwoman from Los Angeles" -- an odd way to describe the person who signs your checks.

That unknown councilwoman has raised a shade over $100,000 in "major donations" of $1,000 or more since the last reporting period of March 17. Newsom has pocketed nearly $430,000.

It appears Newsom is in a familiar position: Looking good, sitting pretty, and feeling like (almost) a million bucks.


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