Facebook Post Gets Waitress Canned

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Shirley wouldn't have stayed employed five minutes in today's world. 'Tis a pity.
The Charlotte Observer has reported yet another TMI Facebook casualty -- 22-year-old Ashley Johnson's waitressing gig.

Johnson got a crappy $5 tip from a couple who sat around in Brixx Pizza in Charlotte, North Carolina, for three entire hours, forcing their waitress to stay an hour late. As we all occasionally do, Johnson vented to Facebook. "Thanks for eating at Brixx," she wrote, "you cheap piece of shit camper."

Johnson only has 100 friends, who are mostly her classmates and co-workers. Her profile is as private as possible, meaning that one of her "friends" likely tipped off Brixx management about her shit-talking.

Two days after her posting, Johnson was fired.
The reasons: She had "disparaged customers" and "cast the restaurant in a negative light on a social network."

What does it all mean? Well, for starters, you can bet the Facebook PR team is taking no more than a three-minute lunch today. People have already been taking a dump on Facebook for the past week or so, so it's likely this will only intensify the criticism.

Of course, it's all just part of successful business model, according to a defense of Facebook's bold refusal to care about the occasional crises it creates for its users, published on SFGate this morning.

Put that in your tip jar.

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