Drunks Beware: Cops Out in Force on Memorial Day Weekend

Categories: Law & Order
Aficionados of drunk driving are well-advised to stick to videogames this Memorial Day weekend. Starting tonight, a team of half a dozen motorcycle cops will hit the streets to ferret out ... drivers on iPhones. What?

"People get distracted by eating or drinking, talking to their passengers, reading a map, or changing the radio station, the CD or the Mp3 player. Distracted driving can get you hurt or killed as easily as drunk driving can," insisted San Francisco Police Department traffic Sergeant Neil Swendsen.

Yeah, Okay sarge -- but imagine doing all that drunk! Then you're really asking for it.

In any event, expect to see more state troopers and cops out on the streets this weekend -- and perhaps roll through a sobriety checkpoint or two. Need we say it? Let's be careful out there.


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