Drive-By Buttocks-Fondler Pinched By Cops

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Now try doing this from a moving vehicle...
A man charged  with reaching out of his driver's-side window and grabbing the rear end of a girl standing on a Muni platform was quickly nabbed by police at a playground where he was pushing his son on a swing set.

The 34-year-old suspect was easy to find, reports Ingleside Station Captain Louis Cassanego, as the 17-year-old victim described his car as "tangerine."

"I don't think I've ever heard that before in my career," said Cassanego. Along with Officer Jonathan Ng, Cassanego soon spotted an "Atomic Orange" Pontiac Aztek with matching plates at a play area in Balboa Park where the man was enjoying a Thursday afternoon with his young son. It appears the son was in the vehicle when the man allegedly executed the drive-by fondling at the San Jose and Ocean Muni platform.

Not like that at all...
The victim and her friend identified the Father of the Year, who was charged with sexual battery. Her status as a minor was not a factor in this case, said Cassanego. "It would be if she was much younger."

He was cited and released and, according to the cops' writeup, assigned "a court date to explain his actions to a judge."

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