Dems Launch 'Demon Sheep II' Attack Ad on GOP Candidates

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What does it say about the current state of California politics that what passes for debate among our foremost U.S. Senate candidates is a contest to see who can best portray their opponents in Internet videos as demonic sheep? Seriously, guys -- dueling sheep? Thomas Jefferson would not be pleased.

Following the release of what must have been one of the most bizarre attack ads in history -- Republican Carly Fiorina's video depicting Senate primary opponent Tom Campbell as a sheep with blazing red eyes -- the Dems are now taking a stab at this Bovidae-based form of campaigning. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has launched "Demon Sheep II: The Fleecing of California."

We don't know what to say about this, except that, mercifully, it's a bit shorter than the Fiorina campaign's demon-sheep bit. The spot's highlights, without a doubt, are the clever accessories sported by the furry versions of Fiorina -- adorned with a pearl necklace and baby-blue chapeau -- and Republican candidate Chuck DeVore, whose Tea Party sympathies are suggested by a sheep wearing a colonial-style tricorn hat.

You can check out the video above.

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