City Hall Crooner Walter Paulson Sings -- on Muni!

In between earnest city activists comparing San Francisco policy to Hitler and enraged loons comparing city policy to Hitler, it's often a welcome relief to have a bona fide zany step up to the mic at City Hall meetings and sing about ... something else.

In a city filled with crazies, ranters, and zealots  Walter Paulson is that most cherished of city oddities: An eccentric. The Tenderloin resident and Special Olympics veteran has carved out a name for himself belting out songs regarding the municipal news of the day to the tune of popular ditties.

It turns out Paulson doesn't just sing at City Hall. Your humble narrator shared a train with the crooner this morning, and he previewed the song he's hoping to preview at today's Budget and Finance Committee meeting.

We're not going to ruin Paulson's surprise by revealing the lyrics (which are clever). But we will say it's an homage to the days when the city was flush with cash sung to the tune of the K.D. Lang favorite of yesteryear, "Constant Craving."

While we don't often look favorably on speakers who ramble on endlessly wasting our elected officials' time -- it's hard to direct much anger at Paulson. Besides, Budget and Finance could use some cheering up.

Times are tough -- but it's good material for a songwriter.

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