Being a San Francisco Wild Parrot Ain't Easy

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San Francisco's famous colony of wild parrots has never been bigger -- or harder-up -- according to a much-circulated A.P. article. 

The personable, striking birds made famous by the film The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill and its birdman subject Mark Bittner's book of the same title are thriving: The flock has tripled over the past decade to some 300 birds. And yet, Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, an organization that resuscitates and adopts out cockatiels, canaries, and other birds, reports it has never had more dinged-up wild parrots needing homes. 

Wild Parrots.jpg
Jim Herd
Parrots everywhere!
Eighteen wild parrots are awaiting adoption; Mickaboo's Jennifer Erlichman is fostering five of them alone, and John Graziano has seven. With more wild parrots, it seems, there are more sick or injured wild parrots. Three times the cherry-headed conures of a decade ago mean three times the thuds heard against Telegraph Hill windows.

Those interested in aiding Mickaboo -- which SF Weekly first contacted regarding a Craigslist cockatiel scam -- or taking home a bird can reach the organization here.

Photo   |   Jim Herd

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