Zip Line Across Justin Herman Plaza -- What Could Go Wrong?

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Zipline Jim Herd.jpg
Jim Herd
Here comes trouble...
On Thursday, folks who'd like to see your tourism dollars directed British Columbia's way, intuitively, erected a zip line on the Embarcadero, across Justin Herman Plaza.

On the one hand, a zip line can't be a worse idea than adjacent Vaillancourt Fountain, another "gift" from the Great White North. On the other hand, there's any number of ways a zip line in San Francisco could be used by forces of evil:

  • Zip line takes all the joy out of crosstown Muni ride.

  • I'm sorry, is this a unionized zip line? No? Shut it down, boys...

  • Gavin Newsom so impressed, he decides to form a Zip Line Task Force

Photo   |   Jim Herd

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