What Happened to Eugenio Velez' Misspelled 'San Francicso' Jersey?

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You won't have to head to anywhere like this to view Eugenio Velez' misspelled jersey -- for now
It's made the rounds that, last week, Giants utilityman Eugenio Velez took the field outfitted in a uniform reading "San Francicso." The other day we asked the team what plans it had for Velez' quasi-literate duds. And now we've got an answer: The jersey has been archived.

Something is not quite right...
At an undisclosed location somewhere in SOMA, the Giants have an archive of baseball arcana stretching back to the team's days in Manhattan. Ephemera, furniture, and signage from the Polo Grounds, Seals Stadium, and Candlestick Park age alongside uniforms and equpment from milestone Giants games. Basically, it's the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark but with baseballs from Jonathan Sanchez' no-hitter substituted for the Ark.

And yet, according to team archivist Missy Mikulecky, you won't have to root through boxes of Polo Grounds memorabilia to uncover Velez' "San Francicso."  

That jersey is now on display in AT&T Park's club level. In fact, the team's vice president of communications, Staci Slaughter, notes that the Giants "spent hundreds of thousands of dollars" on display cases around the stadium so more items from the archive can now be enjoyed by the paying crowds.

What to do with Velez' jersey in the long-run, however, has not yet been determined. Slaughter said the team may start to ponder this once the Giants head of town Thursday for their second road trip of the year. Our suggestion: Auction it off and donate the proceeds to a literacy foundation. That seems fitting.

Finally, we wrote the other day that people would buy Barry Zito's boss black socks with the three orange stripes if given the opportunity. Well, you've got it: They're at the team dugout stores. But they'll set you back $15. And that's no misprint.

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