Happy Vaginal Rejuvenation Awareness Day!

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According to Vanessa Scott, loose change isn't your problem.
A professional vaginal surgery consultant named Vanessa Scott has declared today -- April 30 -- the 1st Annual Vaginal Rejuvenation Awareness Day.

Apparently, Scott chose it for the proximity to Mothers' Day. "With Mother's Day right around the corner, we are taking time to recognized women and their bodies with this special day," Scott wrote in a missive to reporters. (Read: moms are big, loose vaginas,m'kay.)

Insidiously, she also claimed that vaginal rejuvenation was a solution for women with medical problems like stress urinary incontinence and rectal prolapse. Don't believe that for a second, says momgrind.com. "It's generally offered as an elective, cosmetic procedure, feeding on women's fears and insecurities about their bodies," according to the website.

Scott asked that people celebrate VRAD by checking out her Vaginal
Rejuvenation web page where they can give opinions, ask questions, and
respond to on-line polls about unnecessarily shrinking womens' vaginas.
Doesn't sound like much of a celebration, really...

So over at the SF Weekly we're going to protest VRAD by talking
for the entire day about how big and loose our vaginas are. We like them
that way
, because we can fit several dicks (or kitchen utensils,
shampoo, bottles, bikes, etc.) at once.

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