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What happens in the Navy, stays in the Navy...
​This has been a long ass week and I'm drowning in mucous and overmedicated and there is a shit-storm of stories to cover this week and frankly all I can say is that the gays are fucked.

Let's begin with some statistics released on Thursday. Servicemembers United released a report stating that in 2009 there were 443 military personnel discharged under Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT). Since the policy was put in place in 1993 under President Bill Clinton 13,425 people have been discharged for being gay.

Nice, eh? Keeping America safe from faggots is a law that doesn't have to be changed soon.

Anyone paying attention for the last 17 years knows the statistics. The plan was put in place under a Democrat and thrived for years under a Republican. The new Democrat claims to be interested in repealing the policy but the Obama administration can't seem to make up its mind about whether or not the repeal is coming this year or next year -- or ever.

​The thing about this dithering -- besides the obvious cost to real people that simply want to be in the military for some goddamned reason -- is that the topic is used by LGBT advocacy groups to rally the gays and raise funds and awareness. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), for example, made a big statement at an expensive dinner in February that they are going to have a repeal done in 2010 because Joe Solmonese, the President of HRC, has President Obama on speed dial and Obama told Joe it's gonna happen, so Joe went out and raised some money for HRC and he told the audience that the President is great.

Everyone gets greased -- everyone in the inner circle that is. The rest of us get slimed.

Also unearthed this week by Kerry Eleveld at The Advocate and fleshed out by Pam Spaulding was the news that right after Obama made his repeal DADT remarks during the State of the Union address his administration immediately began stalling. That didn't stop good ol' Joe Solmonese from going out and raising funds though.

This is why we are fucked. None of them are the slightest bit sincere. Obama blows sunshine up everyone's ass. Solmonese still believes DADT will be repealed (eventually). It's all good! But its not, really. What it looks like to me is a bunch of assholes manipulating gullible (desperate?) people into voting for a politician or giving money to an organization all of it under false pretense. And the worst part of it is the number of people that suck it up and do as they are told. Obama will repeal DADT, the say. HRC does the work no one else does.

In the meantime, 443 people were discharged -- during the first year of Obama's term in office -- under DADT and we are supposed to lobby the six senators needed to get the repeal passed. This is our problem. This is our fault. This is our job to do.

GetEqual did NOT toe the party line this week. They heckled the President during a speech on Monday. They handcuffed themselves to the White House fence (again) on Tuesday.

On Wednesday a group of activists interrupted a House committee meeting to demand action on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) that has been languishing for decades. They are the only group that makes sense to me. HRC and the Democrats are schemers and profiteers and they've had many years to fix the shit and it's not happening. IT'S NOT HAPPENING.

Barney Frank doesn't see it that way though. He is so enmeshed within his party (Democrat) and turned on by backroom dealmaking that he can't bear the insolence of GetEqual. When asked what he thinks about the interruption of the committee meeting on Wednesday he said, ''What a stupid thing to do.'' Robin McGehee has a few wonderful responses to Frank that should not be missed.

One good thing happened this week: An "open, radical lesbian, that has openly condemned the effort to amend our Constitution to protect marriage as a one-man, one-woman union" became a DC judge.

But that's about it. One radical judge appointed and an avalanche of bullshit.

Patrick Connors is an uppity fag from San Francisco who thinks working within the system is an excuse for working for personal enrichment first with promises to trickle the benefits down to others later.

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