Signs of a Bad Day: You're Accused of Using Dog Hair as a Weapon

Categories: SF Oddities
San Franciscans are rarely shy about airing their grievances in public -- which is probably why, following the passage of Prop. 8, we had an enormous "Fuck Mormons" banner slung across the front of one local home. (Subtlety, apparently, is not one of our strong points.)

This house, located in the Mission, has decorated its front window with a series of bright orange, handwritten signs that tell the bizarre story of what appears to be an ongoing tenant/landlord dispute.

The clarion call "Fighting for Tenants Rights," is posted in the middle of the window, along with what appears to be a court date to the left (in case anyone is interested in watching this drama unravel in person). And then things go off the rails a bit.

"20 police calls in 6 months YOU pay for," declares one of the signs. And then,"Mon 4/19/10 2 Police Calls, 1. Throwing dog hair on us 2. Squirting me in the face w/hose. Citizens arrest made."

When dog hair is outlawed, only outlaws will have dog hair.

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